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Bobcat License NSW

Bobcat License NSW

Get Your Bobcat License in NSW From Our Recommended School

Are you looking forward to getting your bobcat license in NSW and searching for a driving school that offers exceptional driving courses that will prepare you for the test?

Ultimate Driving School is one of the most recommended driving institutions that offer comprehensive driving courses for all students. Since our launch in 2004, we have been able to train hundreds of drivers in different industries. Once you enrol with us, our goal is to ensure that you are confident when taking the test. Therefore, our dedicated and experienced instructors will take the time to train you adequately without limiting the number of lessons for the courses.

Since we are an RMS accredited institution, we offer a variety of courses such as LR, HR, MC, HC, MR, Forklift refresher course, Elevated Work Platform License, backhoe training, earthworks training excavator courses, bus and ambulance driver licenses.

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Customised Bobcat Courses for Your License in NSW

Once you enrol for a bobcat license in NSW, our goal is to ensure that we develop your skills to pass your exam. Therefore, as a dedicated driving school, we’ve invested heavily in quality equipment and a comfortable facility. You will use a Workcover bobcat and excavator during the training.

The course takes two and a half days. Once you complete it, you will obtain a bobcat and excavator national certificate of the competency photo card.

We require all our students to be over 18 years old, and you should show proof of identity before you commence the training. During the training, you’ll learn more about operating procedures, bobcat and excavator components, dynamics, characteristics, identifying and avoiding hazards, operator’s duties and responsibilities, pre-operational checks, among other things.

Bobcat License NSW

Bobcat License NSW

Employment Opportunities – Bobcat License in NSW

Once you acquire a bobcat license in NSW, you will be exposed to numerous employment opportunities. A Bobcat is a versatile piece of equipment and is applicable across a variety of industries. They weigh at least 1.2 to four tonnes. Whether you need it for a construction site or a DIY project back home, they are valuable since they make life easier.

Some of the places you’ll find a bobcat include gardening, earthmoving, landscaping, ground preparation, and site cleanup. It helps move materials such as dirt, soil, construction debris, bricks, logs, and other materials.

At Ultimate Driving School, our experienced instructors ensure that you are confident enough in your skill. If you need more lessons to help prepare for the test, you can be sure that our instructors will not limit the lessons you need.

Get your bobcat license from our qualified NSW instructors today.

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