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Forklift Licence NSW

Forklift Licence NSW

Acquire Your Forklift License from Accredited Instructors in NSW

Ultimate Driving School is a reputable institution that offers forklift license courses in NSW. We take pride in having experienced and accredited instructors who will dedicate time and energy to helping you become a skilful and confident driver. Additionally, we will not limit the time required to complete each course which ensures that you get adequate training.

Apart from forklift courses, we also offer a variety of other courses. Whether you want to learn to drive a bobcat, excavator, or two-axled truck, you can be sure that our RMS accredited institution will offer the best training at the most affordable prices in the industry.

Since our launch, we have trained hundreds of students who work in various companies in the transport industry. Get in touch with us today. Our compassionate staff are always ready to chat with you and can promptly enrol you in the course you wish to complete.

Requirements for Getting a Forklift License in NSW

As licensed experts, we take pride in ensuring that our students are ready to take the forklift license exam in NSW. Each student will go through a thorough six hours of training for two and a half days. We will require you to provide proof of identity, and you must be 18 years of age.

The forklift course includes topics such as operation procedures, safe work practices, forklift truck companies, dynamics, characteristics, pre-operational checks, identification, and avoidance of hazards, operators’ duties, and responsibilities.

Our school invests in the best equipment and a modern and comfortable facility for training our students. Therefore, you can be sure that we will use WorkCover forklift trucks during the training to guarantee your safety.

If you want to cancel, you can receive a refund from us only if you communicate four days before the training starts.

Forklift Licence NSW

Forklift Licence NSW

We Also Offer Forklift License Refresher Courses in NSW

If you have a forklift license in NSW but feel you need more practice and reassurance to gain confidence when working, you can come to Ultimate Driving School. Our training experts are ready to take you through a five-hour training session to refresh your forklift skills and knowledge in line with the current legislation requirements.

During the course, you’ll receive theory lessons as a group of ten participants. However, the practical lessons are one-on-one sessions since we want to focus on your strengths and improve your weak areas as a forklift driver. We also have a forklift truck, pallet roads, and a warehouse environment to ensure that the practical sessions are as natural as possible.

Please note that for you to take this refresher course, you need to have a current forklift license.

Call Ultimate Driving School today for more information on our forklift license training in NSW.

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